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Leadership Coaching Certification
a Barrett Values Centre certification
April Certification Announced

Attention: Coaches & Trainers:

Grow your Revenue, Reach & Impact by coaching with Values.

A Barrett Values Centre Certification brought to you by Massively Human Leadership and facilitated by Kathleen Seeley.

"My executive clients are blown away by the depth of feedback and the awareness [the tools] raise in how to grow & improve in their leadership."

Alex Pursglove

Founder, Pace Success Coaching

Organizations who love these tools

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*according to Apollo Technical

Work is Changing

This work matters more than ever and a values-based approach to coaching, consulting, and leadership development is emerging as a pathway to a more stable and sustainable future.

Organizations have recognized that leadership capacity is their competitive advantage. That means there is a need for people to be able to facilitate true leadership development.

77% of organizations report leadership is lacking
83% of organizations say it’s important to develop leaders at all levels
95% of organizations say have NOT implemented leadership development across all levels
When You’re Certified

A Diagnostic to Enhance Your Coaching

Assessments that produce a clear Roadmap for Transformation

Takes your existing work with clients to a deeper level

Get to the root of a client challenge  faster

Make behaviour change inevitable

Be more effective with tangible and measurable results

Identify areas of strength, weakness and aspirations

Coaches Perspective
"My executive clients are blown away by the depth of feedback and the awareness [the tools] raise in how to grow & improve in their leadership.

Adding the CTT tools to my business led to me surpassing 6-figures in revenue during my first year as a full-time entrepreneur!"

Alex Pursglove

Founder, Pace Success Coaching

Clients Perspective
"The 360° Leadership Development Report is incredibly insightful for our employees in our Leadership Development Programs. It gives better insights than our other 360 tool that we had implemented previously."

Matt Goswick

Global Leadership Development Program

Leadership training investments were estimated at $37.8 billion worldwide in 2022, with $65.6 billion by 2028
*according to Absolute Reports
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Kathleen Seeley & Massively Human Leadership

We are a values-based consulting firm that knows work needs to become more Human. We use values as a metric to help organizations from the fortune 500 to local non-profits and higher education institutions tap into their greatest asset: their people.

if you can touch the heart of a leader, you can change the world.

Kathleen Seeley


Massively Human Leadership

Leadership Coaching Certification

As a Certified Leadership Coach, you will have the tools and skills needed to effectively coach leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in all areas. And accelerate your capacity to better monetize your coaching business.
These assessments are designed to coach and work with others at a transformational level and serve to identify strengths, areas of improvement, and a holistic view of the leader and their potential.

The range of assessments addresses everyone from leaders from the C-Suite to up-and-coming new managers to individuals looking for more meaning and insights into their behaviour.

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Assessments Completed
Countries Served
Annual Fees*
*Pay only for the assessments you use
Your New Tools

Tools to Grow your Revenue, Reach & Impact

Click each assessment to learn more about the powerful and flexible tools you will have at your disposal.

Leadership Development Report

Conduct Leadership 360° Assessments
Suggested Use Case: Middle Managers

The Leadership Development Report is a powerful coaching tool for promoting self-awareness, personal transformation, and an understanding of the actions a leader needs to take to realize their full potential.

The Leadership Development Report compares a leader’s perception of his or her operating style with the perception of their superiors, peers, and subordinates. Assessors also get the opportunity to indicate how they believe the leader needs to change to help them become the best leader they can be. Emphasis is placed on a leader’s strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth.

Leadership Values Assessment

Deep Leadership Feedback
Suggested Use Case: C-Suite Executives

Offers a thorough, 360-degree assessment of a leader’s values, strengths, and areas for growth based on confidential feedback from their chosen colleagues.

Leadership Team Values Assessment

Group Report for Teams
Suggested Use Case: Teams & Departments

Provides an overview of what motivates your leaders, assesses their effectiveness as collaborators and identifies the initiatives they feel are essential for putting leadership on the path to success.

Leadership Self Assessment

Measure Alignment on an Individual Basis
Suggested Use Case: Anyone

Supplies insights into your core operating values to deepen your understanding of what is important to you as a leader, in which areas, you currently demonstrate strength, and potential next areas of focus.

Individual Values Assessment

Measure Alignment on an Individual Basis
Suggested Use Case: Anyone

The Individual Values Assessment deepens your understanding of what is important to you in your life and what changes are necessary for you to find personal fulfillment in your organization. The Individual Values Assessment provides insights into how well aligned you are with the culture of your organization.

Certification Fee's

All pricing in USD

Single Payment - save $391
Certification Includes:
3 live training days
Coaching Protocols
Assessment Bootcamp
Assessment Start Pack
Customizable Slide Deck
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4 Monthly Payments
Certification Includes:
3 live training days
Coaching Protocols
Assessment Bootcamp
Assessment Start Pack
Customizable Slide Deck
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Onboarding & Welcome
March 6th  7 - 9 AM Pacific | Recorded
April 4
7 - 3 PM Pacific
April 11
7 - 3 PM Pacific
April 12
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Barrett Values Centre Onboarding
April 18th  7 - 9 AM Pacific | Recorded
Practical Experience
December 13th | 7 - 11 AM Pacific
Skills & Drills Bootcamp
Practice Speaking to the tools | Skills and Drills unpacking Assessments | Questions & Answers with Kathleen
November 2022

Grow your Revenue, Reach & Impact by transforming Leaders

Leaders and organizations are looking to tap into their greatest asset: their people. The thirst for meaningful leadership development has never been greater. Are you ready to meet that need?

The Barrett Values Center Leadership Coaching Certification provides you with the tools, confidence, and knowledge to become a Highly Regarded Leadership Coach.

You’re Here Because You Feel Called To Make A Difference In The World. The best place for you to make that change and grow a thriving business is by working with Leaders, Executives, and Entrepreneurs.

I know now that IT’S TIME; it is a movement, and if you’re reading this and feeling a tingle of excitement… I want you to be a part of it! We need more of US out there doing this work… making a difference!

Massively Human Leadership™ calls us to be…Massively Clear Massively Visionary Massively Creative Massively Accountable Massively Humble To lead others by being a Massively Human Coach and Mentor …for Massive Global Sustainability.

I’m excited for you to Join us in this certification and be a part of the change!

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